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If You're A Professional Who's Struggling To Reach A Wider Audience, Fill Your Diary Each Week, And Finding What You Do Less Fulfilling, Then Read Every Word Below...

Here's Why!

Right now we are on the cusp of creating a revolution and this is your invitation to get in before everyone does! Here's what I mean...

Back in 2014 when I first learned how to create a podcast not only did I manage to create a show that everyone loved as it hit the top 10 in iTunes, it was also picked up by UK Health Radio within 3 months of it being on air and now it has been downloaded half a million times!

Before I get into showing how I went from being a complete technophobe who struggled to get in front of her ideal client to being a leading name in my field, let me first introduce myself.

Dear Fellow BWN Member,

Untitled designMy name is Sam and just like you I run my own business and have done since 2008.

I have a 20 year background in Finance before retraining in various modalities alongside my regular day job before taking the step to come out as a therapist and coach.

I never do anything half hearted, it was always with a go big or go home attitude.

Soon enough I had clinic locations across my county which was brilliant for creating a name for myself but there came a point where I just couldn't physically do any more work as there simply wasn't enough hours in the day.

Knowing this I had to somehow create a way for my message, passion and ability to help to be spread to a much wider audience.

It was then that a client of mine suggested that I look at podcasting as she felt I would be good at it.

Within a month I was podcasting, within 3 months my show was being aired to the UK Health Radio audience and was within the top 10 in iTunes and by 6 months I was racking up 30 thousand downloads a month from my podcast show.

Within 3 years, I have half a million downloads of my show.

I'm proud to say that i'm the UK Health Radio audio trainer for new presenters.

I have been featured in various national and international publications and appeared on some of the best podcast shows out there today.

But all that really matters now is my true skill became clear when I started teaching other people what I know. Their businesses were able to grow as mine has and that's exactly what I want to help you achieve starting now.

How Is This Going To Help?

This is a course I've put together to help you transition from your message not being heard by the right potential client or indeed if at all to bringing in more leads than you can shake a stick at and without doubling your overheads and spending.

There are 800 MILLION accounts in iTunes alone and that's just one source of potential audience when you have a podcast show. So what can a podcast really do for you? Well as I've said, having a podcast catapulted me to the expert level within the media arena which potential clients love!


As Seen In

And that's exactly what I show my students how to do within this course and they've had similar results to me within their own fields and niche. This is why my podcasting course  was created so I can streamline what I was doing with my 1-2-1 clients to help more people and therapists get their powerful and important message out there and help more people.


So Here's What You Get Today.

What I've done is create a 5 module course containing 15 videos just for you.

What that does is I've taken everything that you do and streamlined it so you can get the most valuable information possible in the shortest space of time.

This entire training course is to be consumed over a weekend and once you've completed that weekend it will take you about 30 days to have everything in place ready for launch.

Which is brilliant as its set in the shortest space of time, if you can get this done even quicker then congratulations but this is set for those who are very busy and don't have a whole lot of free time to apply it right away.

Module #1 Time To Get Creative

Starting off in module 1, we dive into what you need in order to get started.

  • Your content strategy
  • Your "art work"
  • The audio side of things 
  • How to create content effortlessly
  • And More

Module #3 Now It's Time To Up Your Game

Module 3 and nows the time we really start to perfect things.

  • Focus your interview skills
  • We talk monetizing
  • There's a killer launch plan 
  • And More

Module #5 Increasing Your Visibility

Module 5, it's time to rock out Twitter.

  • Tweet cheats
  • Hashtags and their importance
  • My secret weapon hashtag strategy
  • And More

Module #2 Your Online Guide

Next up we have module 2, this is where we connect everything up!

  • Your hosting package
  • Connecting iTunes
  • Equipment 
  • Recording the all important audio
  • And More

Module #4 Creating Your Very Own Super Highway Of Traffic

Module 4 is my fav!! Time to get serious about your traffic in this one.

  • I take a movie strategy and turn it around
  • How to get guests on board with sharing 
  • How to make it super shareable show notes
  • And More

Useful Links & Downloads

This section is to make your life easy!

  • Every download I talk about I've added the link
  • Every product i refer to I've given you the link on where to buy
  • Any templates I refer to are here for you to download
  • And More

Here's What Others Are Saying!

When i was encouraged to start a podcast I didn’t know where to start. To be fair, i didn’t realise how much work goes in to each episode. Thankfully, Sam was there to save the day with The School. I have learnt so much and the podcast I started earlier this month has been a MASSIVE success. Thank you for Podcasting School, your 1-2-1 support and encouraging me to finish what I started.

Dee Atkins
Dee Atkins Motivational VA

I was introduced to Sam several years ago through networking. She was instantly a friendly and huge help; explaining how I could make quick and easy step to improve my social management offering. We discussed Twitter growth as part of my social strategy for clients and I’ve not looked back. It has vastly enhanced and consistently helped engaging target audiences for my key clients. I continue to work with her with confidence. Sam is practical and strategic – my ideal working partner.

Hetty Rackham
Hetty Rackham Freelance Marketing Consultant

Sam is the awesome sauce and Queen Bee in the podcasting world. Sam quickly taught me the power of podcasting and how to kick the podcasting worlds ass! As a presenter on UK Health Radio, I was keen to set up a podcast of my own, but I had not idea where to start or how to get myself online. Sam gave me the tips and tools to get onto iTunes within 30 minutes – yes, that’s how amazing she is! I’m truly grateful for her help and her knowledge in podcasting is phenomenal! The Podcasting School is worth the investment!

Gurds Hundal
Gurds Hundal Get Inspired With Gurds

Speaking with Sam on how to get media attention has been instrumental in that happening for us. She provides simple knowledge and strategy which can be applied instantly in most cases but with high impact results. She is my go-to person when I’m looking to get extra online attention that actually works!

Johann Ilgenfritz
Johann Ilgenfritz CEO, UK Health Radio

When I needed help to expand my reach within Twitter I looked to Sam to help me work through the necessary changes I would need to make to my strategy. She showed me a whole new way of talking to my crowd on Twitter. I quickly began to create a whole new relationship with them which took my following from 300 to well over 3500 in just a few months!

Jenny Brewster
Jenny Brewster Fitness Expert

I arrived in England 3 years ago after a long absence…didn’t know anybody in London. Met this wonderful bright and bubbly woman with a good head on her shoulders and a big heart. She introduced me to FB ( she showed such patience explaining it to me ! ). She introduced me to some people and taught me quite a bit about doing business in London ! I don’t think I was her most talented pupil… but she kept her smile and patience , which did more for me than she knows. I think you are a special person Sam,- and I’m sure you will be successful in anything that you do ! You have got the magic ! Go spread it !

Michelle MacDonald
Michelle MacDonald Homeopath

What's The Investment?

The investment is £497, but to as you are a valued member of the BWN, I'm going to give you a special better than half-off discount.

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There are 3 simple reasons why this course is ONLY £497 £247:

  • I love helping other professionals absolutely smash it in this arena
  • If you're serious about your business, £247 puts this course in the perfect range for it to be reachable to take on
  • If you're not serious about your business then £247 is the perfect point for me to know we are not yet meant to be working together

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David Ralph David Ralph, Join Up Dots, UK's No 1 Podcast Show
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I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Much love

Sam Bearfoot - The Therapist Revolution Coach